•  Common skin and nail conditions i.e warts, callous, ingrown toenails,
fungal infections

•  Lower limb anomalies (foot, ankle pain, knee pain)

•  Movement analysis

•  Footwear advice and prescription (adults and children)

•  Sports injuries (running, soccer, cricket, rugby etc)

•  Systemic conditions – Rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes etc…

•  Custom made orthotics, padding and strapping

Podopaediatrics             – For the treatment of children
Podogeriatrics                – For the treatment of the elderly
Dermatology                   – Treatment of skin and nail conditions 
Sport Podiatry                – Sport injuries of the foot, ankle and lower limb (Plantar heel pain, Achilles
                                                  tendinopathy knee pain, sprained ankles)
The At risk foot              – Diabetic screening, treating and managing diabetic or arthritic foot complications